Eye Check Up

Eye Clinic


First eye clinic was on Sunday, 20th of May 2018.
Eye medications and glasses were provided to 56 refugees.
The program is designed to move locations every month to enable a wide range of refugee communities to be assessed. It is done by Indonesian eye specialist with over 20 years of experience.

Our budget is approximately 15.000.000 IDR ($ 1500 AUD) per event, an average of 300.000 IDR ($ AUD 30) per person.

We have done 8 eye clinics so far. In addition to eyesight problems, majority of attendees had symptoms including itchiness and many had eye infections. All live with bad water, bad housing, dirt roads and very hot humid climates and we believe these reasons combined cause additional eye issues.

We also found approximately 30% of attendees need eye surgeries to prevent bigger eye problems. For future events we are planning on providing small surgeries for those who need it inside the eye specialist’s clinic, therefore additional funding is needed.

We have a waiting list of more than 6,650 refugees within our reach (Jakarta-Bogor-Cisarua). We have the capacity to check 100 individuals a month, plus perform 15 surgeries. We have the capacity to run the program in other cities that refugees live in, such as Makassar, Medan, Pekan Baru etc to reach all the <14000 people.

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Watch a video of our eye clinic: