Ways to donate: 

In Indonesia:

Direct deposit: Transfer to our bank account. We can provide receipts, and also add you to our newsletter.

Cash: You can make a cash donation directly to our organisation.

Goods: We accept donations of clothes, shoes, mobile phones, products for our care packages, diapers for babies, powdered milk, household equipment (kitchen pots, frying pans, utensils for cooking, containers for rice and food storage) and much more.

Please contact us to find out how to make any of these donations.

Please also ask yourself: would I be happy to use what I am about to donate for the use of others?


*Our paypal account is under the name of Patrick Leonardo S Tumewu. He is the main board member of RAICINDONESIA on our legal paperwork and this is why accounts are under his name.

*Note: if a project is fully funded, donations will be used for the next project we plan.

*Note: please provide your email address, all donations will receive a receipt via this email (finance.raicindonesia@gmail.com) . If you do not receive receipt within 48 hours, or the amount on your receipt differs from your donation, please contact us asap.