Dental care

This is our newest project that started on 28th April 2019. With the help of volunteer Indonesian dentists, we checked 52 refugees, did the dental work necessary (fillings, scaling [cleaning] and extractions) and provided medicine.

The program is designed to move locations to enable a wide range of refugee communities to be assessed.

9 Indonesian dentists made themselves available to do this project continuously every month.

Budget: 15.000.000 IDR per event, for 50 patients.


Specialist dental care:

  • 3 specialist Indonesian dentists made themselves available to check and treat 20 patients per month at a discounted price. Patients that we refer from our dental care events, or are referred to us through other orgs.
  • Specialist treatments will be done at the dentists’ clinics for treatments that can not be done in our dental care events.

The continuation of this program only depends on the kindness of donors.


Watch our first dental care clinic:

Check out our social media for images and more information on this program.