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Care packages

Care packages are hygiene packs consisting basic hygiene items. They are given to 100 refugees and asylum seekers per month to control skin issues. We have a waiting list of more than 350 vulnerable individuals who need it, but unfortunately we can not provide more than 100 packs per month for now. When we get enough support to be able to provide more than 100 packages, we will definitely add new individuals to our list and deliver monthly packages to them.


Food packages

Food packages consist of basic food items such as rice, oil, beans, chicken, tea, etc, given to some of the most vulnerable refugees in Jakarta and Cisarua area. We are not able to add to our list at the moment.


Eye check-up and dental care clinics

We do these programs regularly and during each clinic, we check 50 refugees and provide glasses, medicine and dental work  for free. Each event date and place will be announced on our social media. Registration will be done on the same day starting at 8 a.m. We can only register 50 individuals per event, so we suggest you come early to be able to get in the queue, just like going to any other clinic or doctor’s office.


Legal aid inquiries

We will answer all legal aid inquiries sent to, if they contain all the information necessary, such as:
UNHCR file number,
Location (city),
Clear description of what the problem is and what specifically you need help with.
These information will help us to solve the problem or to refer you to the right person who can do so.
Emails with texts such as:
“Please help me.” or
“I need help.” without any further information will not be answered.

We are not able to answer calls or whatsapp texts as there are hundreds of them coming on a daily basis. Please email us if it is an emergency.